It has been a very busy 2008 indeed at MDCall - a healthcare communication technology company I own. In addition to our flagship physician contact management system (fancy for automated medical answering service), we just launched MDNotify - a web and phone-based notification system that integrates with a practice management system and automatically sends out notification calls. The types of outbound calls come in various forms. Most practices tend to need it for appointment reminder calls. Other uses include lab results notification, pre-operative information collection, medication reminders, and other types of courtesy calling.

So far however, appointment reminder calls have tended to be the winner sales pitch. It makes sense. With practices averaging 7% no-show rates from what we’ve seen, $70/visit revenue at the lower end, and 30 appointments per doctor per day, even a percentage drop in no-shows for a three-doctor practice means a revenue recapture of $15,000 a year. MDNotify’s service-based model which requires no upfront capital expenditure, no technology to manage, free integration with an in-house practice management system,¬†and low per-appointment delivery fees means that a strong return on investment proposition is evident from the very first month.

I look forward to tracking the success of the software on this blog in the future! In the meantime, however, the work has been excruciating but thrilling - purchasing servers, designing a stable and redundant infrastructure, negotiating service contracts with telecom service providers, and signing up clients. What fun!